Mayoral Message


WELCOME to Fortune, “Gateway to the French Islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon and home to
“The Fortune Head Ecological Reserve” where the rocks represent the best example in the world
of the geological boundary between the Precambrian Era and the Cambrian Period. Fortune’s
history is deep rooted in the fishing industry with both a vibrant inshore fishery and the Ocean
Choice International Fish Plant located here.

The Town of Fortune offers all of the essential services and a variety of businesses that supply
the usual requirements to its citizens, along with good recreational facilities. We also have a
dedicated town council and staff who are working hard to serve the community and prepare
Fortune for the future. Fortune has had its’ opportunities and challenges but out people are still
our best asset!

We at the Town of Fortune are aware of the important role our neighbouring communities play
in sustaining our region.  Working together, we can accomplish much more and ensure we hold
on to what we presently have.

To those wishing to visit our community, on their way to, or from, St. Pierre et Miquelon, we
encourage you to spend some time exploring our community and all that the Burin Peninsula has
to offer. If you are considering making Fortune your home, Fortune offers a quiet, friendly, and
safe environment to live.  With educational opportunities, great recreational amenities and an
outdoor life second to none, Fortune is yours to discover. The Town of Fortune is open for
business and all are welcome!

Charles  Penwell