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  • 1763...first known settlers in Fortune

  • 1817...(John) Woundy became first teacher

  • 1824...first Methodist chapel built

  • 1825...first school built

  • 1863...Henry J. Haddon became first Justice of Peace

  • 1864-1882...Joseph G. Haddock was town's only resident doctor

  • 1867-1913...James N. Haddon was teaching legend

  • 1871...Masonic Society formed

  • 1872...Henry J. Haddon became first Postmaster

  • 1877...Rev. Jabez Hill was first resident Methodist clergy

  • 1880...John E. Lake operated can-manufacturing factory

  • 1883...Masonic Lodge constructed

  • 1889...first Salvation Army Citadel built; Capt. James Bowring first resident Officer

  • 1896...fire surrounded the town for several days and burnt out the entire countryside

  • 1907...John E. Lake established furniture factory; first in province; burned down in 1917

  • 1913...Lake & Lake Ltd. established; town's longest surviving business

  • 1922...harbour blocked solid by ice from December until February 1923

  • 1930...January 4th; first electric lights turned on in town

  • 1935...Henry B. Mayo, grandson of H. J. Haddon, became town's first Rhodes Scholar

  • 1944...Public Library established

  • 1946...Fortune was incorporated; John R. Dixon became first Mayor

  • 1947...first volunteer Fire Brigade formed; Russell Lake was first Fire Chief

  • 1949...South Coast Bakery Ltd. Opened; first bakery on Burin Peninsula

  • 1971...Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau visited Fortune (See Galleries)

  • 1977...fossils discovered in the Fortune Head area

  • 1994...Fortune Head declared an Ecological Reserve and site of the Precambrian-Cambrian geological boundary

  • 2018...Jonny Harris filmed an episode about Fortune for his televsion show "Still Standing"; aired October 2019


The Flag shall be of the proportions of two by width and three by length and shall be described as: Azure between a cross Argent charged with a fish naiant Azure, four bezants.

All Citizens and others are hereby requested to take notice and recognize this our official flag. Let them render it all due respect and follow all regulations and observances governing the use of flags.

The town flag was unveiled at a special ceremony which was attended by many invited guests, including past Mayor, E.W. Riggs.


The shield bearing the cross alludes to the early church and echoes the heraldic divisions of the provincial arms.


The bezants, or gold coins, and the fish represent the local fishing industry and the fortunes of its bounty.


The crown of the crest symbolizes a masoned town wall as used in the European tradition for the civic authorities. Its turrets take the form of maple leaves and pitcher plants, a botanical allusion to the location of the town in the Canadian province of Newfoundland.


The caribou commemorates those who lost their lives in the battle of Beaumont- Hamel.


The male supporter reinforces the importance of the fisheries and the female, the goddess Fortuna, a visual reference to the name of the town. The use of both genders reflects this community's commitment to equal opportunity.


The compartment alludes to land and sea and the motto, Progressa Fortuna (Progress Fortune), reflects the optimism of the citizens.


The Badge is described as: On an escutcheon Azure between a cross Argent charged with a fish naiant Azure, four bezants. Below the escutcheon on an escroll Argent the name "Fortune."

This Badge shall be displayed by all officials, departments and beyond at the discretion of the Council in recognition of the civic authority vested in them.

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