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Fortune is a great community to set down roots and to raise a family. Settlers, and later families, have been putting down roots in Fortune for many centuries. The Canadian Encyclopedia says, “Fortune appeared on Spanish and Italian maps as early as 1527 and is in the 1687 French census. English settlement began sometime after when the Lake family moved here from Paradise Sound, Placentia Bay in 1763.” Fishing is what brought our ancestors to our shores and we are very proud of that heritage.

Though proud of our past, we are looking to the future. Fortune has so many things to enhance the lives of our residents. We have a wonderful business community who supplies our residents with needed goods and services. We have strong community groups who supply fun, recreation and support to our very youngest residents up to our seniors. We have an upgraded arena, beautiful walking trail and an ATV trail that residents and visitors alike can enjoy.

Just a boat ride away from the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, makes Fortune a very unique place. Where else in North America can you drop over to France for lunch?!

Fortune is also the site of some very unique fossils. The Fortune Head Geology Center is a great place to learn how rocks here show the boundary between the Pre-Cambrian and Cambrian periods.

Councillors and staff of the town work very hard to make Fortune a great place to live and work. But it is our residents who truly make us great. Kind, gentle people greet you in our buildings and our streets. We look out for each other.

Fortune, and all of the Burin Peninsula, has many opportunities and wonderful gems to discover. I look forward to serving the community over the next four years. I will certainly do my best for the residents, the town and the region.

Deanne Hickman


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